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Psychometric assessments add significant value to attracting, retaining and continuously developing employees. However, the use of these assessments comes with great responsibility. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our content relating to the ethical and fair use of psychometric assessments.

Thomas' view on the ethical application of our assessments

Fairness and ethical use

Ethical and fair use of psychometric assessments is at the forefront of our recommended practices. As the assessment practitioner, your core ethical responsibility is to ensure that nothing is done during the assessment process to harm the candidate. This means that a proper assessment policy should be in place to ensure the process adheres to ethical practices before, during, and after assessing candidates.

Thomas International follows the published guidelines from organisations such as:

Best practice includes ensuring that those concerned with the use of tests and assessments should have adequate knowledge with regards to:

  • Product type and application.

  • Data protection, confidentiality and local labour law.

  • Interpreting test and assessment results.

  • Fair and ethical use.

  • Test taker communication, feedback and complaints.

Labour laws

Local labour laws differ across the globe regarding the use of psychometric assessments. Thomas endeavours to provide the best local guidance through our network of global distributors.

Advice from Thomas International

We would like to ensure that you have business-related, high-quality technical knowledge when using our products.

We commit to provide you with:

  • Reliable and valid assessments

  • Further reading and useful articles regarding the use of our assessment platform

We trust you found this article valuable. Please get in touch if there are specific topics you would like to read more about.

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