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The series of tasks in Thomas' Aptitude assessment measures how quickly you are able to pick up new information by measuring 5 key areas, namely Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning and Spatial Visualisation.

Before you start

Before you begin the assessment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • We highly recommend that you download and read our example booklet here before starting the series of tasks.

  • The assessment can be completed with a computer mouse or a laptop touchpad. Please use the method with which you are quickest and most comfortable with.

  • Remember, both speed and accuracy are equally important for this assessment.

  • Read more here to understand the technical considerations for the Aptitude assessment.

Completing the assessment

  • When you complete the assessment, each task will have its own set of instructions. You will also have the opportunity to practice 8 examples before the main task begins.

  • Each task has a time limit of around 2 to 5 minutes. You should expect to complete the entire assessment within 40 minutes (including going through the instructions and examples).

  • You need to complete all five of the tasks.

  • Each of the five tasks that you will complete is explained in a bit of detail below, including an image of what you can expect to see.

1. Reasoning

This task assesses your ability to make inferences, reason from verbal information and draw correct conclusions.

2. Perceptual Speed

This task assesses your ability to check and report for error/accuracy in written material, numbers and diagrams, as well as the ability to ignore irrelevant information.

3. Number Speed & Accuracy

In this task, your ability to manipulate numerical information is assessed together with your numerical reasoning and how comfortably you can work with quantitative concepts.

4. Word Meaning

This task assesses your comprehension of a large number of words from different parts of speech and the ability to process written and verbal information.

5. Spatial Visualisation

Here, your ability to create and manipulate mental images of objects and to understand how shapes and patterns fit together to form a whole will be assessed.

Getting your results

Once you have completed the assessment, you will be able to view your results immediately in your Thomas Profile account. Your results will indicate your performance within each cognitive area measured.

You can learn more about interpreting your assessment results here.

We trust you found this article valuable. Please get in touch if there are specific topics you would like to read more about.

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