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Thomas' Aptitude assessment provides insight into how quickly you are able to grasp new information and skills by measuring a handful of cognitive areas.

Understanding your results

Once you have completed the assessment, you will be presented with your results in a form very similar to the example below. Click on view full report to view detailed insights regarding your performance within each specific cognitive area (defined below).

You will also be provided with an indication of how you performed in relation to others. In addition, you will be provided with a few tips that you may find helpful. Depending on your results, these can include how to grasp or process new information more effectively, how to understand the possible impact you may have on others, or what to be mindful of.

To help us improve the content, you are welcome to give an indication as to whether the results sound like you; this can be done by selecting a relevant option in the Sound like you? section.

The 5 cognitive areas


Assesses your ability to make inferences, to reason from verbal information and to draw correct conclusions.

Perceptual Speed

Assesses your ability to check and report for error/accuracy in written material, numbers and diagrams as well as the ability to ignore irrelevant information.

Number Speed & Accuracy

Assesses your ability to manipulate numerical information is assessed together with your numerical reasoning and how comfortably you can work with quantitative concepts.

Word Meaning

Assesses your comprehension of a large number of words from different parts of speech and the ability to process written and verbal information.

Spatial Visualisation

Assesses your ability to create and manipulate mental images of objects and to understand how shapes and patterns fit together to form a whole.

How your Aptitude results can help you

Thomas Profile can be a valuable resource for your personal or professional development. Understanding your results is the first step towards building awareness of yourself and the impact you have on others.

Your Aptitude assessment results can give you a better understanding of yourself in relation to speed of processing and learning new information and skills. They can subsequently reveal your strengths and possible areas of development, which is important for your professional growth.

Knowing what you are good at can assist you in focusing more on jobs that match your specific abilities.

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