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Our psychometric assessments are based on robust scientific data and research, and have thus been proven to be valid and reliable instruments which measure behaviour, aptitude and personality respectively.

Using reliable psychometric assessments ensures that it is not always necessary to retake assessments, as the assessment measures what it is supposed to measure, accurately. In some cases though, re-assessment can be beneficial, especially in the case of behaviour, as it is easier to change than personality.

The below guidelines may assist you in determining if retaking an assessment is necessary:

  1. Behaviour can be reassessed every 6-12 months, or sooner, should there be substantial change in the working environment, like a new line manager or substantial change to an individual’s work responsibilities.

  2. Measurements of aptitude measure a person’s natural ability to learn new information or grasp new skills. We are born with this ability which does not change substantially over time. In cases where the environment wasn’t ideal when completing the assessment or there is reason to believe that they did not complete the assessment under ideal conditions, a reassessment should be considered.

  3. Personality traits are relatively stable over time, however they can and sometimes often do gradually change across the life span but sudden, dramatic changes in personality are rare. In this case, we recommend not reassessing sooner than 12 months. However, to assess the success of a coaching or development programme, we suggest assessing behaviour, as change in a person’s behaviour and coping mechanisms will be more visible than personality. Therefore, re-assessment of personality is not necessary unless substantial effort has been put in by the individual and personal coaching has been received.

If retaking a behaviour or personality assessment is necessary, read more here on how to do this!

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