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Setting up your Workable account to integrate with Thomas' assessment platform will help make your recruitment process a seamless and easier process!

Below are the steps to take to get started:

  1. Ensure that you have a Perform account. As the Perform user, you will need to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager and request for a Workable integration. They will then be able to generate an API key for you.

  2. Monitor your inbox and open the email from your Customer Success Manager with your newly generated API key.

  3. Login to your Workable account and go to Settings.

  4. Select Integrations and under Assessment Providers, select Thomas Perform.

  5. Paste in the API key and click Update settings. You should then receive a message at the top of the page stating that the action was successful.

  6. Head over to your Thomas Perform account and create a job role for the role you are recruiting for (read more here to find out how to do this). This step can also be completed before requesting for an integration - as long as there is a created role in Thomas Perform.

  7. Once you have a created job role in Thomas Perform, go to Workable and either Create a new job or Edit an existing job.

  8. Select Assessment in the Workflow section, and thereafter Add assessment and Thomas Perform from the list of third party assessment providers.

  9. The Thomas Perform job role/s will be displayed. Select the relevant job role and then click Save changes.

  10. When it is time to assess your candidate and they have reached the Assessment Workflow stage of the process, you can send an invitation to them to complete the Thomas assessments for the job role selected.

  11. Once all requested assessments have been completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to view the results on Workable.

    1. Results shown on the Workable candidate view will be the star ratings (out of 5) for the assessments in the context of the job role (read more here to understand more about comparing candidates to the job role).

    2. You will also be able to view in-depth results (outcomes) and interview guide questions for that candidate (read more to find out how to interpret Behaviour results, Aptitude results and/or Personality results, as well as how to use the Interview Guide in recruitment).

    3. To view these results, select the View report link - this link is accessed via a unique pin code that is displayed under the star ratings. The results link is accessible for 12 months after assessment completion.

We trust you found this article valuable. Please get in touch if there are specific topics you would like to read more about.

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