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Setting up your Greenhouse account to integrate with Thomas' assessment platform will help make your recruitment process seamless and easy!

Below are the steps to take to get started:

  1. Ensure that you have a Thomas Perform account. As a Perform user, you will need to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager and request a Greenhouse integration. They will then be able to generate an API key for you.

  2. Once you have received your API key, you will need to log a ticket with Greenhouse Support and wait for a confirmation email from them. Doing this allows their team to enable the integration for you. Note: your API key must not be included in the ticket you raise; Greenhouse Support will provide a SendSafely link to share the API key if needed.

  3. Once you receive the notification that you have successfully integrated Greenhouse with your Thomas Perform account, you will be able to allocate Thomas' assessments to your candidates.

  4. Ensure that you have created the required Job Role on your Perform account prior to assigning the assessments on Greenhouse. Read more on how to do this here.

  5. Once a role has been created on Perform, log into your Greenhouse account. Navigate to the Add button with the drop down arrow, and select Create a Job.

  6. Go through the entire job creation process as you normally would.

  7. When you reach the Interview Plan stage, select add stage and scroll through the items until you find Thomas International - Perform. Select it and click add.

  8. Navigate to the next page, Job Post, and select Thomas International Integration under the Post to drop down.

  9. Continue filling in the rest of the necessary information for the job role, and select Finish when completed.

  10. You will now be back on the main dashboard. Navigate to the Add drop down button, but this time select Add Candidate.

  11. Select the job role you just created from the drop down list, and then select Application Review from the drop down list under Initial Stage.

  12. Fill in your candidate’s details and select Add this candidate. Note: when adding another candidate within the same job role, ensure that the correct job role is selected as it will allow you to have the right comparison across candidates.

  13. Click on Move Stage, and select Thomas International - Perform.

  14. Click on the Send Test, and input your candidate’s email address in the To: bar. From the Test bar, select the job role you created in Perform. Lastly, indicate who you would like to receive the information from the candidate and select Send Test.

  15. Your candidate will then receive an email prompting them to complete the required assessments.

  16. Once all requested assessments have been completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to view their results on Greenhouse.

    1. By selecting their Score Card, you will see their results in terms of their Star Ratings (out of 5) for the assessments in context of the specific job role.

    2. You will also be able to view in-depth results (outcomes) and interview guide questions for that candidate (read more to find out how to interpret Behaviour results, Aptitude results and/or Personality results, as well as how to use the Interview Guide in recruitment). You are also given the option to download the results in the form of a PDF report.

    3. To view these results, select the view View Report link - this link is accessed via a unique pin code that is displayed next to the text “Pin To Access Full Report”.

We trust you found this article valuable. Please get in touch if there are specific topics you would like to read more about.

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