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Setting up your Team Tailor account to integrate with Thomas' assessment platform will help make your recruitment process seamless and easy! Below are the steps to take to get started:

Set up your account

  1. Ensure that you have a Thomas Perform account. Reach out to your Customer Success manager to create an account for your Team Tailor integration if you do not have one.

  2. Once your Perform account is activated, request a Team Tailor integration from your Customer Success manager. An API Key will be generated and sent to you via email.

  3. Ensure that you have created the required job role on your Perform account prior to assigning the assessments on Team Tailor. Read more on how to do this here.

Create jobs on Team Tailor

  1. Once the job role has been created on Perform, sign in to your Team Tailor account.

  2. Navigate to the Sandbox dropdown menu in the top-right corner of your page and select Settings.

  3. Scroll down the menu and click on Market Place Activations at the bottom of the page. Open the hyperlink in visit the marketplace.

  4. After being directed to Market Place, find and select Thomas Perform from the list of items.

  5. Add your Thomas Perform account and API key. If the account was already added, click on Go to settings in the lower left corner of the page and update the API key with the one you received from your Customer Success manager.

  6. Navigate back to your Jobs page and select the + option on the right side of the page. Underneath Standard job, select Use default template. It may be helpful to match the title with the name of the job role you created on Perform.

  7. Continue with the rest of the job creation process as you normally would.

  8. When you reach Stages, click on Add stages and choose Assessment under Select stage. You are also able to Select stage type to specify when in the recruitment process you want the Thomas assessments to be administered (e.g. screening, interview or offer). When you are done, select Add stage.

  9. After you have added the stage, you can also readjust the Assessment step to suit your preferred process. To do this, drag the stage across the menu to where you want the assessments to be done in the recruitment process.

  10. Continue filling in the rest of the necessary information for the job role, and select Publish when everything is completed.

Add triggers to your job

  1. After you have published the job, navigate to Applications in the upper left corner. Click on the Trigger icon on the right side of the page to add the Thomas assessments.

  2. Within the Assessment stage, select Add trigger. Click on Send Assessment - Thomas Perform at the bottom of the page. Choose the job role that you have created on Perform.

  3. There will be an option to activate an auto progression feature. To do this, select the check box for move candidate when complete. This will ensure that the candidate automatically progresses to a next stage when they have completed the assessments. To ensure that the right candidates are filtered, you can choose to Move to a next stage If the score is above or below a certain value/percentage. Alternatively, you can choose to not activate the feature and manually drag the candidate to a next stage when they are done with their assessments.

  4. After you have created the trigger, candidates can apply or be added to the job role.

  5. From there, you can send them the assessments by dragging or manually adding them to the Assessment stage.

  6. They will then receive an email prompting them to complete the assessments.

View your candidate’s results

  1. Once the candidate has completed the assessments, you will see an update in your Notifications bar on Team Tailor. If you have activated the auto progression feature, the successful candidate/s will move to the next stage.

  2. Underneath a candidate’s name, you will find a circular icon. Hover over the icon to see their percentage Score. To view a further breakdown of their results, click on the candidate and scroll down to the Thomas Perform section. Click on View details next to Status: Completed.

  3. You will be able to view the overall score, the pin to access their full report, as well as star rating scores (out of 5) for the assessments in the context of the job role (read more here to understand more about comparing candidates to the job role).

  4. To view their full report, copy the pin from the View details section. Click close.

  5. Click on the hyperlink underneath the percentage visual. You will be redirected to a new page where you can paste the candidate’s unique pin.

  6. You can now view and download in-depth results and interview guide questions for that candidate (read more to find out how to interpret Behaviour results, Aptitude results and/or Personality results, as well as how to use the Interview Guide in recruitment).

We trust you found this article valuable. Please get in touch if there are specific topics you would like to read more about.

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